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into this country is doing so in a legal manner. who is politico's headliner -- it's citing nbc news and other outlets that are doing early reports that these two men may be brothers from the chechnyan republic. tom wrote the immigration is dead as ofay rebecca kaplan, what will you be watching in terms of the american perspective on immigration as we watch the story play out? guest: one of the most interesting thing is that right after we -- right after the bombings occurred earlier this week, some people -- just a very small number, started with steve king from iowa, he said these people could have been people -- it could have been illegal immigrants in this country and that's the reason we need to be extremely cautious with immigration reform and a lot of other lawmakers in washington published back on the idea and say let's wait. and going forward, we're going to listen to all the lawmakers and this is a breaking news situation only a couple of hours old. until we know all this fact, it's going to be hard to draw conclusions to figure out something like this from happening into the system
the evening sunday on nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high definition [ bleep ]. >> you may have seen north dakota news and join the weekend news team as my co-anchor. tell us a little bit about yourself. >> thanks, i graduated from west virginia university. welcome aboard a.j.. >> oh, no. >> go back to this. >> exactly. it was the fsmgs word followed by the "s" word and right before he said something else. he was trying to pronounce a word. he clearly messed up. he tweeted this, tough day, thanks for the support. we all make mistakes. i will try my hardest and learn from this. the station didn't give him a chance. they fired him. oops, rookie, mistake. >> reporter: seems like a good guy. he got a lot of online support. he will do a national tv shows. he got a lot of notoriety, but he wasn't quite ready for it. >> megyn: the profanity is not good. he was swearing he was trying to pronounce the name of the winner of the london marathon. which was tough to pronounce, we've been there. we don't usually say the "f" word on air about the pronunciation but tell us about yourself, basic
for nbc, huge loss for cnn, and all of the other people who won and loss, like the "new york times" had great coverage but i don't think people pay at much attention to that. what matters right now in tragedy situations is television. >> bill: you didn't go to fox to have any breaking news original reporting. >> fox did very well in the ratings, but they were not a part of the conversation and they had -- they got some things wrong, and got some things right, but it never seemed to matter. >> why is cable news so important. you said ap got it wrong, and "boston globe" got it wrong, but everyone said cnn got it wrong in the headlines. why was that so important? >> i think in addition to the fact that tv is the most accessible -- obviously there are people who use twitter, but i think for a lot of people television is the quickest medium, and we think of it as the national fireplace, the place where we gather around to watch. and we shouldn't undersell the amount, the degree to which this was entertainment. and i know it's terrible entertainment. but in a way, like
of the day today on your nbc station. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. good morning. we're off to a quiet start on this tuesday morning. no precipitation. 51 in parkton. 52 degrees in frederick. cloud cover to start. it will be a little warmer than yesterday. we will come back and take the forecast all the way through the weekend. >> 4:56. >> the nation's capital on high alert after the explosions in boston. uplocal police are beefing security around town. >> sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. we will update you on what to expect in terms [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. [explosion] boom. just heard a loud it stopped everyone. as soon as the second one went --, it was completely >> the investigation is just beginning into the explosions at the finish line of the boston marathon. >> we will find out who did this. we will find out why the
in the world right now, and they're here with us. >> a new song. first, this is today on nbc. >>> the toyota concert series brought to you by -- >>> the sensation is taking youtube by storm. they've been viewed by hundreds of millions. >>> the favorite one is the band covering gotier, "something i used to know." their newest album realize ffr victory outright. >>> here are walk off the earth is it performing game. ♪ i have this old guitar ♪ the strings are rusty ♪ but it's all i need ♪ back the beat ♪ let's gather around and sing the song ♪ ♪ hey ♪ i got the shaker too ♪ the kind of sound ♪ that wants to make you move ♪ bring in the uke too ♪ it will complete the groove ♪ let's gather round and sing the song ♪ ♪ hey ♪ there's no worries tonight ♪ we're all walking on the world tonight ♪ ♪ c'mon now everyone ♪ c'mon now everyone ♪ we're the locomotive ♪ sing our song ♪ c'mon now everybody ♪ c'mon now everyone ♪ i got this melody ♪ bring in the harmony ♪ to write a tune ♪ you know will never die ♪ let's gather round ♪ and sing a song
, when you get into news feeds and recognized authoritative news providers like the associated press, like cbs, nbc or whoever, these are obviously the security questions are very, very important here these days. >> they are. you know, i think we've seen over the past week and a half, social media become a point of vulnerability when it comes to breaking news on a lot of different krobs. the cbs twitter feeds have been hacked or phished, the a.p. it's a much more common kind of attempt by -- it depends on who the group is. maybe it's hackers, maybe just sort of members of anonymous upset about mainstream media, but it's an easy place for them to get in and disseminate like you said, sometimes very damages news. >> how do they get in so simply? do they have algorithms that will try thousands of passwords per minute or second, and one of them clicks and they're in? >> that's one way, but as natali mentioned, phishing attacks are the easiest way. there were warnings about e-mails requesting a reset. send a fake e-mail to an employee who said i see you tried to reset your password, can y
-- >> it is green week, but nbc universal, by the way. >> what i was going to say is there are some merchants who say i don't get any benefit. if i'm based in new york and i'm selling to pennsylvania, i don't get any benefit from pennsylvania. but, in fact, what you just said makes a lot of sense. you do, all the shipping, whatever is involved with disposal of all -- >> and a lot of refuse is going to go to another state. new york ships its trash outside of new york. new jersey does the same thing. new jersey we all know is full. >> scott -- >> wait a second. you live in new jersey, too. that's the only reason i'll let you go ahead away with that. why don't we talk about another story brian was mentioning before. yum brand is out with quarterly results. once again, china is the key to this story. eunice yoon joins us from beijing. we're going to watch this incredibly closely because of all the issues they've had with poultry there. >> that's right. they have a lot of issues because of antibiotic scares so people have been shying away from their products. but also, wa people are worried about is g
we do have some information tonight, cbs news reported that a saudi was acting suspicious, nbc said here a young person on a student visa. we aren't trying to jump the gun, we are trying to confirm any information they have. you have seen the reports. what can you tell us about them? >> the information we can report is the boston police say they do not have a suspect in custody. but what we know through our reporting is they had a person of interest that they were questioning and based on my report this evening, i believe one of these individuals was here on a student visa but that's really as far as we can go this evening. >> thanks so much for being with you. >> you're welcome. >> let's go back to mark furman to get his reaction of what we just heard. mark, did you glean anything out of that? >> certainly, sean. governor ridge was right on in everything that he said. we do not know exactly what the device is. i think they are sophisticated but they weren't sophisticated to all go off so something went sideways with this plan. and perhaps the person that was to detonate them remote
. as always, the voice of reason here at the family of nbc networks. thank you, sir. >> okay. >>> we are following an incredible amount of breaking news this morning. emergency crews are searching through the rubble in texas trying to find survivors from that massive fertilizer plant explosion. we expect to hear from officials there in texas and in fact we have that right now. instead of going to break, brwel bring you this press conference right now. >> my speaking up is about this. all i can tell you is good luck. >> 30 seconds out. we'll ask you not to step up. >> we are waiting now for a briefing here in west, texas, from authorities. as you can see they're doing mike test here to give us an update on exactly what's going on. a massive fertilizer plant. a fire started. firefighters were fighting it and then the explosion as that was happening. here's the briefing. >> bear with me on my voice. i'll talk the best i can and give you as much as i can but you're going to have to bear with me. if we get to the point of asking questions towards the end of this again, please speak loudly
it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm richard lui. thanks for watching this special edition of "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a good one. . . >>> as soon as that second one went off, it was complete mayhem at that moment. >> it is a criminal investigation that has the potential, is a potential terrorist investigation. >> we will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable. >> we are going to get through this. >>> we will get through it together. looking live at san francisco. flags across the country at half-staff today. a sombre reminder of the terror at the boston marathon, less than 24 hours ago. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. >>> i'm jon kelley. a terrifying scene out there. more than 100 were hurt. at least 17 remain in critical condition. we have learned overnight, police searching a home in suburban boston as part of this investigation. so far, no arrests. >> at least three people, including 8-year-old martin richard, died in the attack. this is a picture of the youngest victim just into our ne
house soup of the day -- lemon chicken and brown rice. i believe this is a new one on the repertoire! >>> this just in, our nbc white house producer stacy klein reports that after being shut down to pedestrian traffic for a week after the boston marathon bombing, pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house has reopened to pedestrian traffic. tours can walk by again. we'll be right back. ently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. [ male announcer ] e-trade. and you wouldn't have it any other way.e. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready
something on abc, you want to watch something on nbc, there will be content providers, and we will have to pay to see it all. - we are only in the middle of this whole period of transition to... - every day something new comes up. - brian tallerico. thanks so much. - thank you. still ahead, a banner weekend for the movie "42." who's smiling? warner brothers. that's coming up. this neighborhood sure has changed a lot over the years. you know there was a time when people like me couldn't live here. i'll never forget being told i wasn't welcome in this neighborhood. well i own this building now, the fair housing act made a difference for someone like me. so i can choose where i want to live, free from discrimination. glad you could make it, right this way... the film chronicling the life of famed major league player jackie robison is a big hit at the box office. our movie man, erik childress, is here on set. good morning to you. "42" knocking it out of the park over the weekend - had the biggest opening weekend ever for a baseball film. what's behind the success? - i think, one, you have a
and get into shape just in time for the big event. >> he's a long-time trainer for the nbc hit series "the biggest loser," and now he's out with a new book, called "jumpstart to skinny: the simple three-week plan for supercharged weight loss." >> quite the title. >> hi. it's a plan, three weeks, i know that these women want to get in their wedding dresses, in their bathing suits right now, and it's like this plan is going to get them to meet their goals. >> it seems doable. it seems like people at home could take away. the first tip is salt. we overdo it on salt. >> especially people are eating such high processed foods right now and i'm trying to get them more healthy, just fresh, food that has not been touched so much. you cut that salt and you're going to cut that water weight. that's what i need you to do. >> you go low sodium on a lot of things and you reach for it dawes because it doesn't mean no sodium. >> that's right. >> stop it. >> there's so much sodium still in the food. >> how much salt should you have a day? >> about 1,000 milligrams a day. >> put that in people terms, please
for mine. i'll try my hardest to come back better and learn from this." the nbc station in bismarck north dakota suspended them. >> your first day as a news anchorman did not go well. number eight. weatherman tells you to expect an 80% chance of unemployment. >> reporter: but clemente has turned from internet joke to internet folk hero. people are flooding the station's facebook page calling for him to be rehired. >> what in the name? no! >> reporter: clemente's mistake reminded some of "anchorman" ron 'burgh burgundy." >> and i'm ron burgundy. go [ bleep ] yourself, san diego. >> ah! >> reporter: but reporters don't have to curse to become internet fodder. >> at the location where he dropped his -- please don't do that. where he dropped his knapsack. >> typically what is left is the people walking around with this glazed look in their eyes. >> reporter: jessica sanchez confronted this super bowl reveler crashing her live shot. >> reporter: so how long have you had an std? >> i don't have an std. >> reporter: then why did you want to talk? >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: th
. very interesting. >>> coming up on "morning joe," commissioner of the new york city police department ray kelly will be here on set. we will get the laitest on the boston marathon situation with nbc investigator reporter pete williams. i don't think he takes a day off. and boston police commissioner ed davis and peter gammons will also join us. bill has our forecast now. >> all eyes on the midwest over the weekend. the heavy rains from last week caused epic flooding and in some cases even record flooding. six states dealt with major flooding problems including michigan, illinois, indiana, and as we went through areas of missouri and even iowa, unfortunately, three people did perish from rapidly rising floodwaters this weekend. a lot of the rivers did crest and they are slowly going to be going down from here. the one exception the illinois river. you can see just thousands and thousands of people were sandbagging all weekend long trying to keep these rivers from flooding their towns. the mississippi river is the biggest river in town in our country and it's at major flood stage. anywh
that in this instance that it was something that happened that was then corrected as soon as the new information. >> it was corrected. some other cases we'll talk about, cnn owned up to the mistake and took responsibility. nbc's pete williams has been praised for an experienced beat reporter. on friday night as we saw earlier he relying on sources that there was a body on the boat. >> he said a body on the boat. >> that does not suggest somebody is alive. >> maybe because the guy who looked in boat saw somebody cringed. didn't know whether he was alive or dead. >> when you say body, that's a corpse. he also reported a fire on the boat. i don't know if that happened. >> i don't think it did, but there are conflicting reports. >> he relied on sources. pete williams relied on sources. john king relied on sources. everybody went through the appropriate channels. the lesson here is that in live breaking news people are going to get it it wrong. >> what is the rush to put this information that is not been confirmed on the air? >> pressure. >> competitiveness. >> it's not just competitiveness. i say th
that's been in that location. my goodness. we at nbc, we had a close relationship with the tech. that's always -- that always struck me as the problem. there is an engineer at apple who is working on that new apple watch. you can't tell anybody. he brings his family to the tech and he's got more things than you are going to have as far as displaying the tech at silicon valley. >> so the question is, is it the tech museum of innovation, focus on the tech or innovation? after 13 years of working on this, who realize the spirit of silicon valley is more about innovation than about tech. come to the new tech and see plenty of innovation. the cell phone you are talking about, we will break it apart. you will be able to see the guts of it and constituent parts and see how tech use it to solve problems. whole focus on innovation and tech can be used to solve problems rather than seeing the latest and greatest. >> you have been tech president for about a year now. >> yes. >> was this something that you thought all along when i get to be the president, when i come up to -- or over to silicon v then "huff post" cited the same two as well as the "the boston globe" while noting nbc and cbs were not printed. jacki, you're a real newswoman. aren't there consequences to this kind of reporting? will anyone lose a job? >> there should be. but if you notice specifically on cnn what they did was they backtracked a little bit in terms of saying somebody must be confused somewhere along the way. they didn't take responsibility for making a mistake. and i'm the last person to defend cnn but part of me does wonder if they didn't get the information and then once the information was out they weren't correct and somehow the sources behind the scene is saying whoops, we shouldn't have leaked it. john king has been a reporter for a long time. he doesn't have anything to prove. there are reporters who might jump the gun. i don't think john has to do that. he probably did have a lot of information and he's a boston guy. he probably had a lot of inside information and someone turned around and said this isn't meant to be public yet and cnn had to walk it back. >> john: i want to
massachusetts on the campus of mit. who do we have next, new york? grif jenkins is is back in watertown. there is a local report from whdh which is the nbc station in boston who is interviewing a student near the campus there. he was on the third floor of the apartment building and explaining how much he saw the activity out of his window. many gun gunshots. he described a grenade being thrown and a pressure cooker bomb like we reported literally thrown at police officers. he described the explosion was something you would have heard on monday afternoon. that was his eyewitness account and we are reaching out to him to get him on the air now. grif, what do you have in watertown? >> that account may be a little confused. i bet it is not quite at mit. it is more here in watertown. as i was saying before and i apologize to our viewers, but we lost the signal. we came from mit to watertown about five miles away. i was giving chase to at least 40 or 50 police cars. i heard multiple gunshots and an explosion in this neighborhood which is a fluid situation. they are going door-to-door and resi
get pinned. i think he's a chump right. i'll tell him that to his face. >> bill: right to the news of the day. but first... big headlines of the day with dan. >> other headlines making news on this tuesday. that north dakota local nbc anchor we talked about yesterday who dropped the "f" bomb on his first day on the air, he will not be coming back after the suspension. a.j. clemente was fired yesterday. he apologized on twitter saying it was a rookie mistake. he likely won't be unemployed for long. he scored numerous radio interviews yesterday. picked up a lot of support saying he deserves a second chance. >> bill: he said it from the heart. >> he said it from the heart. >> we should have him read the news for you one day dan even though dennis kucinich isn't in congress anymore his wife is still on a tear to make sure representatives eat healthy while at work in the capitol. the hill reports elizabeth kucinich who is a vegan, has been helping make sure the house cafeteria has plenty of plant-based foods available. she's noticed since her husband las left capitol hill, several nonsa
today and how they didn't get it force. >> everybody is giving credit to nbc because their legal expert came on and said, no, no, no, they did not arrest anyone. by the way, it was not all cnn. ap and they are the most trusted name in news, and they got it wrong. bnc is saying i draw the line. no one has been arrested. >> yes, it's dangerous. there are people who want to get revenge in all instances. i think i saw that guy. i was standing near that, oh i think that guy lives on main street. >> just due process. >> that goes to this point. today there was a story about how when they thought that they had the guy in the hospital--one of the original stories. the police are guarding someone at a hospital who is a person of interest. apparently people we know to the hospital with bats. obviously it wasn't the guy. then there was a saudi guy who was running away from the scene. that's because there was a bomb, and everyone was running from the scene. on the her geraldo show today someone said i'm a southy. the guy who did this, we know a lot of people in boston. we're going to talk to people
in the search for a soulmate on nbc's dating show. it's called -- >> "ready for love." >> three guys hook up with three matchmakers with a bevy of beautiful women hoping to become the one. look at you two. >> i love the new do. >> do you like it? >> so modern. >> thank you. it's so much easier than that long thing i had going for so long. >> it's just very chic, you look great. >> not that you -- >> before we get started on the show, how is life with your cutie? >> life is good. >> it's great. he took his first flight with duke the other day, solo. >> los angeles to chicago. >> i got to tell you, he had wi-fi on the plane, i emailed him was how's the flight. and all he wrote back was "only child." >> that was it. >> he's going to be an only child. >> i wrote what are you talking about? he goes, "no more kids. hope you enjoy having one son." >> yeah, that was it. >> it's one thing -- >> a lot of people giving me stink-eye on that flight. it was remarkable. >> don't you have more compassion now when a mother of three kids and all comes on the plane? >> no question. >> and you go oh, how do the
on c-span2. we will talk with david rennie buffers aonomist," news update from c-span radio. quite for more on the gun- control legislation in the senate today, nbc's kelly o'donnell tweets that "senators joe manchin tells me we will not get the votes today. expanded background checks to fail in the senate. try again, he says." you can watch live gavel to cover all coverage on c-span2. the fi warned this morning that an envelope addressed to senator roger wicker will have to undergo more analysis before officials can't confirm whether it contains the poison ricin. the white granular substance tests performed yielded mixed results. u.s. near chicago, the diplomat killed in afghanistan will be laid to rest. she was killed in a bombing with four other americans as they walked from a military base to a nearby school in southern afghanistan. they were on their way to deliver books. she was 25 years old. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. , iover the last four years am a little worried about this administration. that is part of a long-term trend as i outlined in the
that discussion. >> host: you talk about nbc news after katrina. >> guest: was lucky enough to interview brian williams a few days after katrina had hit. he had made katrina a priority and was there for weeks and weeks and did a lot of great work and was passionate about starting a national conversation then i talk to him that conversation didn't happen because people would rather watch on tries. i and stood it is the uncomfortable conversation and media doesn't cover poverty enough. one of the reasons why we saw candidates like mitt romney and other g.o.p. to say 47 percent of the country who wants to get things for free or i don't think the media has done a good job to describe the pork. what are their lives like? when there are people working at wal-mart wal-mart, mcdonald's wal-mart, mcdonald's, ups, not necessarily making enough to make ends meet, and maybe to jobs cover riding the bus or by can people right very hard and they feel they tell their story better for them to understand that 47 percent better. >> host: north carolina you are on booktv on c-span2 do with eric deggans. >> calle
Search Results 250 to 275 of about 276 (some duplicates have been removed)